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An Open Letter to Those Who Dream

Why this generation should be known as the dreamers

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Hi, you can call me Noah :) If you're reading this, that means you're reading my article. Thank you so much for supporting me and my aspirations of becoming a writer and journalist. Because of people like you I continue on to write and give you good vibes and content. But in the meantime enjoy and spread love.

An Open Letter to Those Who Dream

To the Dreamers…

Our lives are beginning anew; another journey awaits beyond. Take the step, become the person you’ve aspired to be, and become the person you dream to be. Our generation has been labeled many things, given many names, but in my eyes we should always be known as dreamers

We are artists

We are creators 

One thing I’ve realized is that our voices continue to be heard and should always be heard because we are the future, we are the key to unlocking a brighter tomorrow. From the music you hear to the art you witness from us, its message runs deep down within us, flowing through us like a river. We all grow day by day, night by night, to grow to something more than we are. All the dreams of becoming well-known and being able to lead others to follow their own aspirations are appealing to us because we have the ability to become the next generation of leaders. Adults tell us to walk a fine line and to never step over it, but who are they to tell us when we seek peace and innovation, while too many of them are the leaders of war and corrupt businesses. 

Some adults choose to see us as potential failures, while others seek out our leadership and creativity. Let us be the artists we want to be. Let us be the creators we are meant to be. We hold something that no other generation has had, and that’s the opportunity to express ourselves to a community like never before. 

We decide our future

We decide who we are

It starts with you…the Dreamer. Become the person you’ve always believed you can be. You will stumble, and you will feel as if the world will lay on top of you, but always remember to get back up. 

The Dreamer never quits…

And to those who believe in themselves and put forth the effort, the future you are hoping for will come to you because you have earned it. Through all the endless hours and sleepless nights, through all the endless doubts, you always believed. You stayed hopeful in your times of sorrow and continued on, pushing your limits further and creating the world and life you always wanted, that you always dreamed of. The dream you seek waits for you ahead. It’ll always be there, and it’ll never leave you as long as you believe it to be true. 

To those who dream…

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