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Another Day

A poem about the hope of a new day

Mental health and wellbeing
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Muhammad Hamza Kaleem

Muhammad Hamza Kaleem is a young student studying at a Cadet College in Pakistan. He has been writing poems for quite some time now, but they have mostly been for fun. Now, he's trying to bring that passion to the public and see where it takes him. He's been heavily inspired by Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe. His passions include football, reading and astronomy.

Another Day

Confused and lost, no sense of way.

This precarious path has gone astray.

Deep in the darkness of the night.

I weep, with nothing to say.

What went wrong, so terrible?

But I gave it my all, there was no play.

This silence rings in my head.

No, this misfortune will not stay.

I see the light emerge from the sun.

There it is, the hope-filled ray.

It isn't over yet because

I still have another chance, another day.

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