Am I Actually Human?

"Am I actually human?" is my introspective journey through questioning my own humanity, grappling with doubts and emotions while seeking authenticity and self-discovery.
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Published on Jul 10, 2024
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Am l actually human?

This question keeps arriving on my doorstep.

Amidst the raining sneezes and

clouded doubts choking my throat

like a stubborn cough

Amidst the overwhelming emotions trapped within me.

Like morning crowd stuffed in an office bus.


Am I really human?

When I don't allow myself to feel too much.

Too love too much, 

to hate too much.

To cry and fall as the good old Niagara, 


Into the lap of Mother Nature


Am I even nature?

When l've waited half my life to mature,

And when I did I realized 

keeping the inner child alive is actually mature nature.

Torn between places I travel,

Still figuring out where is my soil.

if I am nature, how do I better my nurture?

And if l am nature, am l pure like Ganga?


Am I actually, really, absolutely, definitely human?

Or am I a robot, a machine, an iOS,

or a cheap and easy android system,

Looking for an update in self-help books?

Not to be happy, for I might be sad again.

Tired of too highs and too lows,

l am now conforming to the mediocre life.

It is safe, it is easy, and quite underrated.

I have learned the art of monotoning my days.


Am I really, really human?

If I am not allowed to feel,

l judge myself when I don't heal.

If my feelings are trapped in reels,

If my fingers scroll the screen,

They've learned to conceal without

putting any makeup on my face.

I can't see my problems face to face


Mirror on the wall,

Don't you see me crawl?

Mirror, mirror, stop asking this question,

Am l a real human being?

If I doubt my being?

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