Beneath the Shadows of Scarcity

A poem against global poverty
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Published on Feb 1, 2024
cracked dry land
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Beneath the Shadows of Scarcity

What is this life that we all ask,

each and every day is a struggling task.

How is it that some people can cope,

while others are out here giving up hope.

Rich people are sitting around bored and sighing,

while starving people working till they're dying.

All around the world, more people are feeling sad,

too many people dying, everyone’s starting to go mad.

To change the future what can we do,

it’s up to us, my voice and yours,

Do we sit and watch everyone suffer and the poor die,

or can we join together and actually try?

We can’t let our people keep dying of starvation,

we need to come together as a United Nation.

Some places are flooded by the pouring rain,

earthquakes and fires causing families pain.

Millions more bodies to add to the ground,

voices scared to speak, so they don’t make a sound.

Life is so full of twists and turns,

and each one of us has to learn,

that in times like this, we must not quit.

Let’s fight back with our hardest hit.

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