Enjoying Nature

A series of poems
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Created by Clarissa

Published on Jan 30, 2023
a river surrounded by trees

A Moment in the Woods

The woods are my solace, a place so serene,

Where nature's beauty is evergreen.

The swaying trees and singing birds,

The fresh air that breathes life into my words.

A place for reflection, for peace of mind,

Where I can feel the rhythm of time.

The rustling of leaves and the crackling of twigs,

The fog rises up like a magical mist.

The silence of the woods, a whisper of sound,

A sense of peace when I'm on the ground.

In the depths of the forest where I am alone

Is the one place where I truly feel at home.


River Rapids

A river flows on its own course,

Rushing through the land with force.

It ripples over rocks and stones,

Tumbling down to places unknown.

The water brings life to the shore,

A place for the wildlife to explore.

This landscape’s beauty is sublime,

Flowing through the land in time.

It's a sight to behold and admire,

A powerful force that never tires.


Under the Summer Sky

The sun is shining bright

The sky a vivid blue

The birds are singing sweetly

All day long they flew

The warmth of the day's embrace

Brings joy and peace within

We can't help but smile

As we bask in the sun's grin

The world is alive and vibrant

As the warmth of the day grows

From the sun's shining presence

We all can feel its glow

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