How I Saw the World as a Kid

This is a short poem and a cinematic video about how I saw the world as a kid
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Published on Nov 29, 2023
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How I Saw the World as a Kid

This is how I saw the world as a kid 

I found joy in the morning, afternoon 

The sunshine and the rain 

The vibrancy of the world 

Accompanied by the zealous array of colours 

It felt like an endless domain 


I often feel reminiscent when it comes to my youth 

The Saturday morning cartoons 

With the bowl of cereal in my hands

I’d scurry to watch the next episode of my favourite show 


I’m 18 now

Entering adulthood

And yet I still feel like a kid. 

I love living through the laughs and the pains 

I love finding happiness in the little things in life

We can all have our fun and keep our colour

Just like we once did

Because there’s nothing to lose, but there’s only more gain 

You can still see the world now

Just like when you were a kid 

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