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Job searching is becoming more difficult as the years go by.
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Published on Aug 30, 2023

Digital cameras and mobile phones changed photography and the way we click photos. To stay resourceful, photographers had no option but to embrace the new technology. At one point, nobody could have thought that these interesting jobs would not make it to a list of top future jobs would be redundant in the future.  


Searching for a job has become one of the most time-occupying tasks in recent times. Almost as difficult as getting one, a job search means researching, identifying and applying for jobs and going through the functions of interviews, discussions, negotiations and such. It can therefore get very frustrating, daunting and overwhelming for most of us.


So how does one go about searching for a job, and finding the most relevant one based on personal capabilities?

Below are a few important steps that can help give you a head-start in finding the job you have always wanted, whether just starting out, or jumping ship from your current one.


* Tapping into your Network of Family, Friends and Past Employers.

* Attend events; whether for Career Advancement or for Personal Growth

* Create your Brand and Maximize its reach through Social Media

* Short-listing companies in your field of interest


Finding a Job in today’s market isn’t as easy task. The amount of preparation that goes into it, the research involved and the effort taken to apply for a position that is most suited to your area of interest, will not just get you the job of your choice but also one that will keep you involved for years to come.

More people are being made redundant due to AI technology.

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