Poetry is My Mother

Poetry is important, it is what keeps us flowing through life. Poetry is not just a literary form, but a reflection of life itself, embodying the essence of love, perseverance, and hope.
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Published on Jun 14, 2024
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Poetry is My Mother

Poetry is a woman

who tucked wildflowers

in the hair of her sisters and


glowingly in her sundress

as a preserved doll in a museum.

Poetry is a woman

who often cried over her

broken heart but was strong


to break bones for her dear ones

She also learnt how loving herself

was what she actually desired.

Poetry is a woman

who fixed her tired father

with a balm

and soothed her damaged


with a massage.

She suffered from losses

in fluctuating economies

and shuffling bosses

yet she observed the magic

in the world

until one day

she birthed magic in her words.

Poetry is a woman

who now looks after

her husband's work from home

at times while roling chapatis

on kitchen cabinets under wind


Poetry is a woman

who lives like life loves her

even after all the chaos

and asks her daughter too,

to always chin up

Poetry is my mother.

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