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How have creators ridden the wave of the pandemic?

A standup comedian shares his perspective on how creators and performers have coped with the lockdowns.

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Charlie (not his real name)

Charlie is a stand-up comedian from India.

Riding the Pandemic Wave as a Creator

Imagine you are a content creator – a dancer, a singer, a comedian, an actor, or a poet. You and your talent are both actively growing in the community. You are hitting local gigs daily and are happy. Suddenly, none of those matters. Nobody cares for it, and everything shuts down. You feel like you’re stranded on an island, not knowing what to do. This is how several artists felt at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rise of the unexpected global pandemic saw a sharp halt at all outdoor activities, which affected the entire world. The artistic community saw a drastic change in their approach towards their art form, too. However, this was short-lived. Mankind, over the years, has learnt to adapt and adapt we did. Like a lighthouse guiding a stranded boat to the shore, Zoom paved the path for the world to express and communicate effortlessly over video calls. 

Comedians started doing comedy shows online, actors came together and enacted plays or read screenplays, dancers and singers used their knowledge to educate others and learn a new hobby while quarantined, and painters and designers sharpened their metaphorical blades and painted the galaxies on TikTok and Instagram. Everything seemed to be fine; this pandemic started to seem like a piece of cake.

However, this wasn’t as easy of a cakewalk as the audience would think it would be. Even after all these facilities, the biggest enemy of every artist was also their best friend – their mind. We found it difficult to muster up the will to sit at a table and create something. While over-criticism, imposter syndrome and stress are constant residents in the mind of an artist, anxiety, feelings of isolation, and the unpredictable future of humanity barged and squeezed themselves in. Many artists couldn’t handle the pressure. Do we cater to our mental health, or do we strive to work towards what we’re passionate about? 

Let us not forget that every individual is different. Be it their upbringing, their socio-economic status, or their influences. That’s what makes their art unique. However, the pandemic isn’t kind to everyone equally. A lot of artists had to put their passion on hold and tend to family and financial emergencies. While there are no set conditions for an artist to create their work seamlessly, it goes without saying that all of these factors play a major role in discouraging pursuing anything at all. 

Many of them, considering this pandemic, have paused making artwork and are focusing on their jobs, family, and mental well-being. However, others have stayed strong and effortlessly adapted to all the conditions and are currently doing quite well for themselves. However, let that not be an indication that the former has given up. An artist never gives up. If anything, I’d consider this a video game where the main character has decided to invest their time and energy in side-missions to improve their personal attributes before going head-on and charging against the main antagonist. 

So, the next time you see your favourite artist come back after a hiatus and if they seem a bit rusty, feel free to criticise their work, but don’t forget to let them know that their efforts to entertain the world are appreciated.

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