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I Broke Up With My Smartphone Part 2

A follow up from the young writer who switched out their smartphone for a flip phone

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Radical is a nonbinary writer, content creator and social media manager with a passion for individual growth, alternative love and social justice. They travel part-time in their van, and they are a strong proponent for inclusive and diverse education and communal healing. Follow them on Instagram for more content like this! @rewilding.radical

My Flip Phone Helped Fix My Depression – And I’m Not Kidding

It’s been one whole month since I switched from an iPhone XR to a basic AT&T brand flip phone (it doesn’t even have Spotify). Since making the switch, my attention span has noticeably improved, my eyesight is better, and I’ve been tearing through books (real, paper books)! If you haven’t already, check out my article called “I Broke Up With My Smartphone” to get the big picture before coming back to this piece.

While I find it necessary to recognize that quite a few factors have shifted in my life as of late, making the switch to a “dumb phone” was one of the most monumental choices I’ve made for myself so far this year. I’ve also moved back to British Columbia, begun living with 9 other wonderful humans, and taken on a full-time canvassing job in support of low-wage workers. These changes no doubt play a substantial part in the fog of my depression lifting, but I noticed the shift far before I was secure in terms of finances and housing. 

To be honest, I still haven’t been taking the best care of myself: I eat only what’s required to survive, I sleep in a dark closet under the stairs, and I haven’t been attending recovery meetings or therapy on the regular. But, with all that said, my depression is still better than it’s been since last summer. I no longer battle with the idea of getting out of bed for over an hour, I no longer experience stress- and screen time-related headaches, I take my medications, go to work, do my taxes, and I have become much more competent at managing my emotions, along with whatever else life throws at me. 

In short, my flip phone helped fix my depression. It sounds so simple, but paired with other significant life changes for the better, untangling myself from the addictive web that is the internet has been so rewarding and easier than I expected it to be! If you’re considering breaking up with your smartphone, ask me anything – I’d love to help you find comfort in an unconventional path.

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