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Lockdown Loneliness

A poem written during the UK's lockdowns

Mental health and wellbeing
By VoiceBox ·

Skylar (not her real name)

An young poet from the UK

Lockdown Loneliness

The water warmly kisses my skin

As I slowly succumb to the dim

Lit abyss

It glimmers in the moonlight

Blessing my eye’s sight

And helps me to reminisce

It hugs my heart and cleanses my soul

Mending the hole 

Left by those i miss

I try not the get annoyed 

Listening to rain fills that empty void 

That once was filled with joyfulness

Breathing through my veins

Ridding me of my pain

Floating away from what was once amiss

Turn my worries to wonders

And then my mind ponders

The thought of pure bliss

My heart beats like rain drops

Fast and racing

Pounding the floor with its mighty roar

As the wind dictates and drives the bay

Where the lonely lay

Silently sinking its claws into the soft supple sea

Leaving it weak, breathless, insubordinate

Tainted by the winds desires to strike on the misfortunate

Our breathing rushed 

Our souls disconnected 

Our lives crushed

Our minds affected

When the water has reached its boiling point 

Bubbling with rage

Trapped with the negative feelings

Steaming our inner demons

Blurring our path

The wind is like a whirlpool of emotions

Bustling and burning

Like sharp daggers pricking my skin

Leaving me bleeding in despair

Distress, loneliness, exhaustion

All piled up against each other to form a great tide of emotions

Oh how you would heal

But pain departs for no one

It clings to you 

With Its breath raw with the sweet taste of bitterness

Sweet and sickle

Wait... Breathe
For when the winds anger fades

And we are no longer afraid

The water falls

Breaking down our walls

Loneliness is a disease of this generation

Lingering in the shadows of this nation

And sometimes we fail to foresee its full abrasion

The impact it has on this generation

Our expectation for our lives high

When really we are surrounded by daily complication

When one dives into a deep blue world of depression

We forget the power we each have

The reformation we can each bring to ourselves and society

We no longer have to suffer Silently

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