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What Does it Mean to be a Multipotentialite?

The challenges of navigating life when you don't feel like you have "one true calling"

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Valerie Gregorio

Valerie Gregorio is from California, Maryland working full time in procurement. She is also Miss Maryland Petite 2023 and creator for The Quotes For You Project (@quotesforyouproject) and The Women Voters Project (@womenvotersproject). She wrote for several online publications in the past, loves to volunteer with nonprofits, utilize her voice for good, and dance her heart out to different dance styles. She seeks to better the world in her own way.

Being a Multipotentialite Person

Growing up, I was confused about what I wanted to be. Did I want to be an actress, writer, model, dancer, politician, lawyer, artist, designer, entrepreneur, scientist, or even a doctor? I didn’t know. I was indecisive because I had so many interests. It was hard for me to have my sights set on one path. As I was going through my college years and entering my career, I realized I didn’t want to focus on one path. The moment that I realized that I was interested in multiple fields and hobbies was back in 2020 when I was working on my master’s and getting started in my career field while also wanting to focus on my hobbies and interests. I was juggling so many things after graduating from undergrad, and I still do to this day. I didn’t know what that term was used to describe my multiple interests until recently. That term is “multipotentialite.”

What is a multipotentialite? A multipotentialite is a person who has many interests in different fields and hobbies. For example, someone could be a scientist for a private company while also modeling and running a small jewelry business. There is no one true calling for multipotentialites. Multipotentialites are destined to do multiple things at once. They do not specialize in anything, unlike specialists who work in their focus fields. 

Being a multipotentialite person is unique and interesting. However, it can also be difficult because multipotentialities are focused on many things at once, which can lead to burnout or the inability to finish projects we started. 

As a multipotentialite myself, I find myself balancing working full-time, volunteering in my community and at various nonprofits, serving on committees, doing my duties as a state titleholder while preparing for a national pageant, creating social media content for @quotesforyouproject and @womenvotersproject, doing freelance writing and modeling, and running a LiketoKnow (LTK) page as a creator. I also completed my master's back in 2021 while doing some of these things. I do admit that I find myself getting burnt out from doing everything at once, but I love what I do. But of course, I have to prioritize my mental and physical health. Also, I try to make time for a social life, even though it’s not easy. Sometimes when I’m burnt out, I feel like I can’t finish writing the articles I want to write or create content I want to post in the future. Or if I want to start something new, like writing a poetry book, for example, I just feel stuck. I love being a multipotentialite person, but it does have its drawbacks.

If you are a multipotentialite person yourself and feel like you’re alone, you’re not. The people you surround yourself with might also be multipotentialites themselves. Looking back at my college years, I’ve noticed some of my former peers are multipotentialites as well as they were getting involved in everything. When I entered into pageantry, many of the women I was competing against were multipotentialities ranging from business owners to activists. If you haven’t noticed already, many famous celebrities are multipotentialites acting, becoming authors, hosting their own shows, etc. 

In a society that makes you think you should only focus on one thing or find your “one true calling”, know that you do not have to follow that narrative. If you are interested in multiple fields and hobbies at once, go for it. But also take care of yourself and prioritize your health. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

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