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Passion, Our Guiding Light

A poem

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Ahmad Hassan Nadeem

A very literary individual, Ahmad Hassan Nadeem is a 15-year-old Pakistani published author—with several publications in renowned newspapers and magazines, such as Dawn, The News International, and TRT, to name a couple. Particularly apt in storytelling, he is based in Islamabad. He is currently a high-school student pursuing his O-Levels at Cadet College Hassan Abdal. He likes playing sports like football, hockey, cricket, and table tennis. Besides writing, he is an ardent reader of fiction and scientific stuff.

Passion, Our Guiding Light

I’m in pain and love again, a walking contradiction,

Does it burden me that often, or is it lifting me completely,

Am I cursed to like it still? Am I forced to do it always?

It’s a game, have I forgot? I shall play it anyways.

But is it safe or just pure luck? In this world I am The Gambler.

Whether life plays fair or not, I am cheating anyways.

Never fret, and never fear, since it’s what we’re meant to do.

Is this passion really right, or is it Crime and Punishment?

Am I lifted? Am I light? By myself I cannot be.

Let it run, and like the wind, it will take you on its wings,

Cut its wings and like a myth, Icarus shall be your name.

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