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A poem about a teen's experience with her narcissistic father

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Emily Barry

Hi, my name is Emily, I live in Wales, and I’m 14 years old.


Note from the creator: The story behind this poem is that I am a young teen with a narcissistic father. I never had a 'good' relationship with my father, but since I’ve realised he is a narcissist, I knew it wasn’t my fault that he was that way. A few months ago, he met someone he really liked, and eventually, they became girlfriend and boyfriend (partners). He treated her better than me. My father never had time for me, and when he did, he was either asleep or bragging about his girlfriend. 

This poem represents how my time with him got replaced by her, and now, now I don’t have any contact with my father, which took me a long time to overcome. I'm on the right path to happiness, and that’s what counts. 

I have a past… 

a past that is not happy, not happy at all. 

a past with darkness and pain which I will never forget, never forget at all.

His princess got pulled off her throne and replaced by his queen, 

his queen who will one day inherit the pain that built up inside of me. 

I got reminded of who I could be if I drop my crown and just break free. 

This is who I want to be! 

I have a loving family here to support me.  

I let go of my crown, which is full of pain and grief.

I let myself be free, free with a loving family that will always support me. 

I cut ties with the king and his queen, 

Just so I can focus on me, 

I'm letting go of all my pain and grief that always stood with me when next to the king and his queen. 

Focusing on what is important, me 

I might just be able to let go and be free. 

Free from the king and his queen. 

I'm staying with my loving family, 

My heroes, my all. Looking to my future.

I'm so happy, that's all. 

I'm here, I'm free, I'm standing here always with my loving family, 

saying goodbye to the king and his queen, along with the pain and grief he always gave me, 

choosing his queen instead of the loving princess that I could have been.

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