Sailboat sailing through the night

Sailing Through Life

A poem

Mental health and wellbeing
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Hi, my name is Abdullah and I'm from Pakistan. I study in a cadet college and have always been a fan of poetry for all my life. Literature has always stuck with me and I have a passion for the works of Roald Dahl, J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordian as these writers have practically raised me. I am currently reading Dostoevsky and have discovered a passion for philosophy.

Sailing Through Life

On a boat of life, we set sail

To catch the winds of destiny

Wherever they may take us, we prevail

And find meaning in our journey

The waves may toss us to and fro

But we hold fast to our course

With each new challenge, we grow

And find within ourselves a force

Clear and sweet is the soul that guides us

As we navigate the tempestuous sea

We trust in its wisdom to provide us

With the strength and courage to be free

Though at times the boat may seem frail

And the waters dark and deep below

We know that with each passing gale

Our spirits will continue to glow

For on this boat of life, we are not alone

But joined by others on their own quest

Together, we chart a course unknown

And find within ourselves our very best.

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