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The Lone Survivor

A poem

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Tasawur Hamraz

Tasawur Hamraz is currently a high school student at a Cadet College in Pakistan. His major interests include poetry, arts, music, and literature. He is a passionate writer, and regularly pens down various writings, with his work having also appeared in his school magazine, The Abdalian. He envisions to present a wider perspective through his literary contributions to VoiceBox.

The Lone Survivor

Knight of the burning Castle

Standing lone in the Battle

His conscious mind began to Wrestle

Yet he determined not to Settle

In the dilemma of his Thoughts

Something gone and something Caught

Thee impinges him so Deep

Smell of defeat the wind has Brought 

He fell upon his Knees

After paying Hectic Fees

Closed his eyes and felt a Pain

Found himself in perilous Seize

Excuses for him are often so Lame

Defeat and victory are not so Same

Loser can't be a worthy Name

Although win and loss are part of Game

Smell of victory he smelt in Air

Who won who lost he is unaware

For him war isn't always Fair

At all times, a loser has to be there

Yet he felt his Might to be Right

Hence again, he has to Fight

He ignores the sleepless night

To rise up in a certain Height

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