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Why We Need an Education Revolution

The system of regurgitating information for a test isn't cutting it anymore

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Why We Need an Education Revolution

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!” -Albert Einstein 

It’s concerning how the education system has gone through almost a century without meaningful changes in its functioning. A recent study by Yale University researchers reveals that nearly three-quarters of high schoolers have negative feelings towards their schooling. If that doesn’t signal a need for change, I don’t know what does. 

The most critical problem with high schools today is the inclination towards tradition instead of growth. The current system focuses on regurgitating information on a test, which serves as fatuous proof for education. No one retains anything meaningful from this practice; instead, it further pushes them away from the pursuit of knowledge. While some students may perform better than others, all of them ultimately forget what they studied in school unless they apply the material learned in a practical manner. 

The solution to the problem of optimally educating the youth of the country is manifold. First of all, the tradition of rote learning should be discarded in its entirety, with a feasible alternative in its place. We need to accept that since technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, we need to embrace it as such and instruct students to use this technology to their advantage. Testing methods such as open-book exams should take precedence over written exams, and modern-day tools like calculators should not be painted in a negative light anymore. 

It is not just the learning part of the education system that requires a change; it is common knowledge by now that most teachers are severely underpaid. Frankly, they do not get paid enough to care about a child’s education, which is partly why the education system fails to function well under the existing conditions. Considering that neither the teacher nor the student feels connected in the learning process, it’s no wonder that most education systems worldwide fail to add as much value as they should to a student’s life.

Any criticism of the education system would be worthless if a viable alternative to the current system didn’t exist. However, many sources opine that Finland has the best schooling system in the world, and rightfully so. Finland does not believe in standardized testing, early morning classes, or assigning students copious amounts of homework. And yet, Finnish students are just as, if not more, successful than their American counterparts

Regarding educators, Finland is surprisingly stringent with quality control, as only people with post-graduate master’s degrees can enter the teaching profession. Moreover, teachers are subjected to meticulous grading procedures throughout their careers. According to the Finnish government, it is especially vital to maintain and upkeep the quality standards of their schooling system through authentic checking of the school’s operations. 

While no single education system is the perfect fit for every country, the Finnish education system is a model towards which all education councils should strive to work. Proper teaching methods and active student engagement must go hand in hand to truly revolutionize today’s education system. 

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