What is VoiceBox?

VoiceBox is a platform built to help young creators thrive. We believe that sharing thoughtful, high-quality content deserves pay even if your audience isn’t 100,000 strong. We believe that your content shouldn’t be drowned out by noise, fluff, hate, or ads, so you’ll only find content that has been curated by our team.

We also want to make sure young people have an equal seat at the table. Creatively, politically and commercially. Through our paid content platform, Ambassador programme and youth consultation, we create spaces for young people to monetise their work and speak directly to decision-makers. 

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How it All Started

The past decade has shown us all how social media is supposed to work. Create eye-catching thumbnails and provocative titles, share your most extreme opinions, and focus on the numbers far more than the quality of your content. 

But this isn’t the only way.

We believe there ought to be a space where the noise is filtered out, content is edited and checked for accuracy, and your monetization relies on the thoughtfulness of your creations, not just how many people click.

About the Team

Our international team is made up of entirely young people, and it spans the world, with offices in London and Miami. 

Our dedicated community of staff, Ambassadors and content creators each bring something unique to VoiceBox. With over 30 countries represented, we are often the first to report on emerging trends and act as a critical friend to tech firms and governing bodies.