How to Submit Content

What is VoiceBox

VoiceBox is an international youth-led content platform and social enterprise whose mission is to amplify the voices of young people around the world. We feature a wide variety of topics and formats of content from people aged 13-25.

Here you can discover more about being featured on our paid content platform. 

What are the benefits of making content for VoiceBox?

  • You will be published on a reputable platform.
  • We pay £20 for every piece published on our site. 
  • It’s a great thing to put on your CV. 
  • Your work has a chance to inspire change. 
    • We often present content from VoiceBox to other prominent organisations and decision-makers who have the power to influence legislation on a national and international level.

You can find out about the submission process in this video or keep reading below:

I have content I want to share on VoiceBox. How do I submit it?

You can submit content to VoiceBox in just a few easy steps:

  1. To submit content to VoiceBox, you need an account. If you don’t have one, they’re really easy to create; just visit the account page found in the upper right-hand corner of the VoiceBox homepage, click ‘create account’, and then fill out the required fields. Don't worry; the information that you provide on the registration form will not be made public. Please note you must be 13 years old or older to create an account on VoiceBox.
  2. Once you’ve created an account, you can add a photo and bio to your account profile. These will be displayed on your account page and attached to your publications. Please don’t share any personal information in your bio. 
  3. Now you can go ahead and start your submission. Head over to the 'Create Content' page in the sidebar to get started. 
    • Add a title. 
    • Use content blocks to structure the body of your piece with text, images and video. You can easily change the order of these sections by dragging them up or down.
    • Select the subject categories you think fit your piece.
    • Don’t worry if you can’t finish everything straight away; you can always save it and come back. 
    • When you’re finished, click ‘Preview’ to see how the content will look on the site. 
    • When you’re happy with the piece, click ‘Submit for review’ which will send the piece off to our editorial team.

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Tips For Getting Accepted Page before submitting. 

Any of your drafts and pending articles will show up on the ‘In the Works’ section of your profile. Only you can see this.

What happens next?

Your creation will be reviewed by our editorial team. They will look for a few things, such as inappropriate messaging and the quality of your work. They will also carry out fact and plagiarism checks. We only accept standout submissions, so please make sure your piece is finished to the highest standard and has a personal touch, or we may have to turn it down. 

Please note that they may change the title, summary or categories of your piece. Don’t worry if this happens, it’s just to make sure it gets seen by the right people. 

You can track the status of your submission from your profile. Here’s what each label means:

  • Pending Approval: Your piece is being reviewed by the editorial team.
  • Pending Publication: Congratulations! Your piece has been approved by the editorial team and will be published on VoiceBox in the near future.
  • Declined: Your piece has unfortunately not been approved for publication. We get lots of submissions to VoiceBox, so unfortunately, we cannot accept all of them. You still own the rights to your piece so if you would like to publish it elsewhere you are more than welcome to do so.
  • Draft: You have not submitted this piece for review yet. 


Once your work is close to being published you will receive an email from us to fill out an invoice form in order to receive your payment. We pay a flat rate of £20 for every piece published on our site. We almost exclusively use PayPal, but if you are under 18 and reside in the UK we may consider bank transfer. 


Once your piece has been published on VoiceBox it will show up in the ‘Published’ section of your account profile. Others can visit your profile and check out your work. If they like what they see they may even follow you.