Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

VoiceBox was founded by a group of young people who felt let down by the current media landscape. The ageing traditional media has all of the respect and high-standing, but might not welcome young voices into the discussion. The newer social media welcomes almost all voices, but they often get drowned out by misinformation and spam. We wanted another way, and believe VoiceBox is the answer.

Find out more about us here.

What content formats are accepted on VoiceBox?

We love publishing all kinds of content on VoiceBox! Whether you’re a writer, vlogger, painter, photographer (or somewhere in between), we want to show off your work and make sure it gets seen.

Is it true you pay creators?

Yes! For every piece published we pay a flat rate of £20. 

How do you pay creators?

Payments are made almost exclusively through PayPal. If you are under 18 and reside in the UK we may consider bank transfer. 

Who can make content for VoiceBox?

We welcome any person around the world between the ages of 13–25 who would like to showcase their creations on our site. 

How do I submit content for VoiceBox?

You submit content to VoiceBox through your account. Click here to learn more. 

What are the benefits of making content for VoiceBox?

Loads of great opportunities! You get to showcase your work on a reputable platform (not forgetting we pay £20 for every piece published). It’s also a fantastic extra-curricular connection for your CV and university application. If you need a reference for an employer, school or university we are happy to write recommendation letters on request. 

What can I make content about?

Anything that matters to you! Whether you would like to raise awareness for social issues you believe in, vent your frustrations over unfinished AAA games being released, or share why your particular sports team is truly the best, we want it all!

The platform is a positive space, so please do not submit hateful or harmful content. We also refrain from pieces that offer health, financial, or legal advice. Visit our Tips for Getting Accepted Page for more information about what we approve on VoiceBox.

Can I use AI to create content for me?

VoiceBox was founded to promote youth voices. We don’t want AI to get in the way of that, so unfortunately AI-generated content is not permitted on our site.

This doesn’t mean we reject content about AI. If you have a unique take you’d like to share – we want to hear it!

Will my content be edited?

VoiceBox is about amplifying your voice, and we don't want to stop you sharing a message. But it is important that published content has appropriate clarity, so all written creations will undertake a light edit. There will be a fact-check, plus some tweaks of grammar and/or spelling. Non-written media such as artwork and video will also be reviewed. If we have any questions or suggestions, we’ll let you know. 

How long will it take for my content to be published?

The length of time it takes for your piece to appear on the site depends on a few factors, including the amount of content submissions we have received from other young people. 

We always try to have pieces published within a few weeks after submission. You can help speed up the process by proofreading and checking your work before sending it over. 

Can I submit my content elsewhere if VoiceBox accepts it?

No. Since we pay for the content we publish, we reserve the rights to it.

What happens if VoiceBox turns down my content?

If we turn down your submission you still own the rights to it. This means you are free to submit it elsewhere. We welcome repeat creators so if you have a different idea you’d like to share with VoiceBox please do submit again! 

Do I have to put my real name on VoiceBox?

While we require your real name for a VoiceBox account, this information is private and will not be shared with others. You are welcome to use a pseudonym for your account profile which is attached to each piece we publish for you. 

Is VoiceBox non-bias?

Yes. While we prohibit any hate speech, mental health glorification or sexually explicit content on VoiceBox, differing views and opinions are welcome. These belong to the creators and do not necessarily reflect the views of VoiceBox, affiliates, and our partners. 

I need help with my account

For any troubleshooting questions please contact

I’m a professional from a school/youth club and I want my young people to submit content. What is your safeguarding procedure? 

We take safeguarding very seriously and have steps in place to ensure children and vulnerable young adults get the support they need. Our Director and Community Manager both have NSPCC accredited training, and all of our UK team members are DBS checked. If you have any further questions about safeguarding at VoiceBox, please email

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please contact us here. We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have!