Terms and Conditions

What is this?

When you access VoiceBox, there are some things that you should know, some things that we need you to do, and some things that you should not do. These are our 'Terms and Conditions'.

What is VoiceBox?

VoiceBox is an international youth-led content platform and social enterprise whose mission is to amplify the voices of young people around the world. You can find our more about us here.

Our Terms and Conditions

To keep VoiceBox a safe and open community, we ask everyone to recognise these simple Terms and Conditions:

You must be honest about your age. VoiceBox is a 13+ website, so being honest helps us keep you safe and support you in the best way.

You must use your own, real email address.

You must not share your password with anyone else.

You must not include any personal or sensitive information in your account profile.

VoiceBox reserves the rights to the work we have accepted and published. Once your work has been published you must not submit it elsewhere. 

If VoiceBox turns down your work you still own the rights to it. This means you are free to submit it elsewhere. 

VoiceBox reserves the right to make editorial changes to your written work. By this, we mean fixing grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, changing the title and any other changes that help with the flow of the piece. 

You must not plagiarise other people’s content. This applies to content on and off VoiceBox. You must provide references and/or hyperlinks if you are using external sources to back up your work.  

You must not submit content that glorifies potentially harmful topics such as promotion of self-harm, sexually explicit content, content with sexual undertones, or radicalised views. 

You must not use AI to create entire pieces of work for you. This applies to all media types and all AI services.

If any of these conditions are breached, VoiceBox reserves the right to delete your account. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions please visit our Contact us Page or email us at info@voicebox.site.