30 minutes

Doom scrolling...Who knew that little inanimate squares could hold such power over us? I didn't. But now that I am fully immersed into this world of escapism granted through my phone, it's incredibly hard to stop.
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Published on Feb 21, 2024
woman looking at her phone in bed

30 Minutes


30 minutes, only 30 more minutes.
One more post to like,
one more video to comment.
Red eyes, sore neck, trembling fingers.
This device that drains my energy,
evaporates my sorrows, loneliness, and reality too. 

20 minutes, only 20 more minutes.
I'm paralyzed, 
I cannot move.
This drug transmitted by my screen is anesthetizing, tiring, addictive. 
Like a hamster on a wheel, I race for this abundant dopamine.

10 minutes, only 10 more minutes.
Our departure time is almost here,
You'll no longer be an extension of my hand, you'll be gone, separated.
I'm already longing for your stability and warmth,
And before I know it, it is time.

But first, only 30 more minutes.

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