A poem devoted to the Goddess of love and beauty
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Published on Mar 1, 2024
painting of aphrodite


The water runs off my skin, dripping back into the rose-filled bath, 

I smell of wildflowers and honey, my flesh shimmering with gold,

I stand before the mirror in all my glory, a towel draped comfortably 

As I apply blush, tracing hearts on the apples of my cheeks as I grin 

At myself. 


The soft music flows around the room as the water drains, 

Sounds of the ocean fill the room as I admire my pearl earrings. 

I dip my brush into the iridescent powder, tapping off the excess in a 

Waterfall of romance. The powder coats my eyelids, shining in the moonlight.


I pull the red dress on, I am powerful. I pull the gold chain around my neck, 

Clasping it at the back lovingly. The chain holds a pale rose quartz, faded from countless days lazing under the summer sun, eating dark chocolate, and drinking wine in the name of Aphrodite. 

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