A Fisherman's Poem

You can take the fish out of water, but you can't take the fish out of the man.
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Published on Feb 15, 2024
fishing rod against the background of water and the sunset
James Wheeler on Unsplash

A Fisherman's Poem

Big Ulster fry for our early start,

so full there’s a pain in your heart. 

Carrying all the gear to your spot,

be careful not to drop the whole lot!

Awk, would you hurry up?

But even as you reach the pier, 

there’s still work to be done.

I mean, do you want the fish to come?

Setting up the rods, seats, and bait. 

It can be good craic with a mate.

Aye, it can get old, waiting and waiting.

If you can’t catch even a roach, 

it’s a bit of a joke.

Here, now – your line’s going!

Reel it in, reel it in, 

don’t let it win!

Did I just hear a snap?

Ah, let's not worry about that.

Try again, it’ll be fine,

you’ll be getting that pike in no time. 


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