A Game Of Charades

This poem describes the masquerade of life, where individuals wear masks to conceal emotions and fractures within. It suggests a call to break free from the charade, emphasizing that life is too short to hide and pretend.
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Created by Disha Ransingh

Published on Apr 2, 2024
black and white image of a masquerade mask

A Game Of Charades

We gather around in a masquerade,

Faces adorned, emotions tucked away.


Playing our roles, acting our parts,

Hiding the fractures within our hearts.


For in this game, the rules are clear,

Reveal nothing, never shed a tear.


Behind closed doors, when no one sees,

We crumble, we break, we fall to our knees.


But when the curtains rise, we put on a show,

So flawless, a facade we bestow.


The applause echoes, the crowd believes,

The charade succeeds, but our hearts still grieve.


For in this game, we lost

We lost ourselves, trapped behind masks. 

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