How to Recognise and Overcome Burnout

As we delve into the 2nd quarter of the year, armed with aspirations we may find ourselves at the crossroads of ambition and reality where burnout looms. Here's how to tackle it.
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Published on Mar 26, 2024
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How to Recognise and Overcome Burnout


Discovering the path to overcome burnout is an essential journey toward well-being. If you consistently experience high levels of stress without taking steps to manage or reduce it, exhaustion eventually takes over — leaving you emotionally and physically burned out. You may begin to feel less motivated since it seems like nothing you do matters. Since burnout happens gradually, you might not notice symptoms immediately. But once it takes hold, it can affect your ability to function across all aspects of life.


Spotting burnout signs:

- Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating

- Loss of enthusiasm for your work

- Disconnect from your goals and identity

- Struggles in maintaining relationships

- Frustration with colleagues

- Unexplained physical symptoms like tension, pain, fatigue, or insomnia


Burnout can have a far-reaching impact, often:

* negatively affecting work performance

* keeping you from enjoying hobbies and time with family, or relaxing outside of work

* Increasing your risk for health concerns, including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and depression


Here are four tips to overcome burnout:

1. Monitor Your Stress Levels: Keep an eye on how stress weaves through your days.

2. Recognize Stress Triggers: Identify what sets off those stress alarms in your life.

3. Embrace Stress Management Techniques: Learn calming methods to navigate stormy moments.

4. Rest, Revitalize, Recharge: Don't underestimate the power of a good rest.

Overcoming burnout takes time and usually requires a good support system at work and at home. Take time to take care of yourself and your mental well-being above everything else!

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