Metaverse: A Passing Trend or an Internet Revolution?

A young person shares his thoughts on what the future of the Metaverse looks like
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Published on Mar 24, 2022
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I think the Metaverse is going to be a complete fad and not something that will become an integral part of our everyday lives. Truth be told, we are already in a Metaverse; how? Metaverse is a concept where real life and digital life are intermingled together. Our “Metaverse” journey began when PCs and smartphones got popular, which helped us with productivity and also created our digital presence/life online.

Mark Zuckerberg is creating hype for a product (Metaverse) that is slated to launch by 2025 — this sounds a bit like Theranos, doesn't it?

Metaverse is doomed to fail, and here's how!

Metaverse Is a Cash Cow

With the announcement of Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg managed to create a buzz that is helping him stay afloat amid many accusations regarding privacy and monopoly.

Many other tech giants are also working on a similar platform, such as Microsoft, Nike, Epic Games, Tencent, Snapchat, and more, and there is nothing special about Meta’s Metaverse.

Amongst a few features that were mentioned in the event, Mark Zuckerberg, in his announcement, said how remote working will be possible through Metaverse’s digital workspace and how every user will choose their character’s looks and outfit.

Why is this a breakthrough feature? Video calls help us interact on a more personal and intimate level. And video calls are the best alternative for someone who cannot meet their co-workers or their loved ones in person.

Metaverse has not even launched yet, but digital lands for Metaverse are being sold already! In fact, many companies are heavily investing in setting up the digital world of their brand for Metaverse, which yet to be released.  

This looks like a modern-day dot-com bubble that will leave the tech community, the investors, and the whole world in shock when it falls.

Everybody Says Metaverse Is the Next Big Thing

Everyone said registering the domain with dot-com is a solid path to success, but we know what happened. 

Everyone said the Internet is just a fad, and we know what happened. The point is the Internet is a breakthrough innovation, and the dot-com isn’t!

Metaverse will be another platform to play games, and host digital parties, and events. But not the way we are imagining. The hype train is on because it's a new product in the technological space, and everyone is hoping it to be a groundbreaking product. But the chances are very slim for it to become successful.

Metaverse also has lots of infrastructure challenges that will be hard to overcome.

Metaverse and the Bandwidth

Metaverse has lots of challenges ahead, and this is why Mark Zuckerberg is working relentlessly to eliminate the challenges, but is it possible?

A fast and reliable internet connection is still a dream of many. Metaverse requires a fast internet connection, with low latency, for a seamless and real-time interaction in the Metaverse.

If the internet connection is unstable or has high latency, the experience will be the same as our video chat/conference getting disconnected or paused for a few seconds — infuriating!

There Is Hope

The way I see it, Metaverse has very little scope to turn out to become what it has been claiming to become — the “Next big thing.” Metaverse can be an excellent device for gaming and media consumption but nothing more than that. 

It is yet to be seen how this device is going to turn out in the future. But, one thing is for sure the future is not going to be like Ready Player One

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