Reality Check

Our collaboration with Meta and Parent Zone to create videos that support teens in their Horizon Worlds experience
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Published on Nov 2, 2023
Reality Check

Virtual immersive experiences are fast becoming the new normal, and we know that young people want good content with proper guidance to help navigate them safely. That's why we’ve worked with Meta and Parent Zone to create a series of ‘Reality Check’ videos that support teens in their Horizon Worlds experience.

When products and services are designed for young people, who is better suited to design the materials that support them than a youth organisation? We’re thrilled that this collaborative project with Meta and Parent Zone does exactly that.


Reality Check: Taking control of your virtual world

We all need personal space occasionally – both in the real world and online. For Horizon Worlds, check out this video about the Personal Boundaries feature you can turn on while playing:


Reality Check: Working together

While the idea of a parent or guardian supervising what you do online might not sound thrilling, there are benefits to consider! To learn more about how parental controls in Horizon Worlds can help you, check out this video:


Reality Check: Having those awkward conversations

Talking to a parent or trusted adult about something awkward isn’t easy – especially when it comes to what you enjoy doing online. For help with approaching those conversations, check out this video:


We hope that you find these videos useful. If you are from an organisation that wants to inject youth voices directly into your resources and projects, please reach out to us at


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