Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

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Published on Aug 23, 2023
woman sketching in a sketchbook

Here is a sketch of my flatmate and best friend as her favourite animated character; Buttercup. The PowerPuff Girls embodied sugar, spice and everything nice and seeing them as teenagers showed how girls could be strong and fashionable. My flatmate embodies Buttercup because of her bravery in trying out new things and her loyalty to her friends and family. She is a bunny at heart with a tough exterior. Always speaking her mind and never stepping down on her opinion when it comes to important conversations, she is the Buttercup of our PowerPuff group. 

My favourite thing about our relationship is how we both laugh at the most ridiculous things and then bring it up again randomly two weeks later and it’s still funny. She’s my go to when it comes to fashion advice and always helps me whenever I’m feeling anxious. She tells it like it is and she is all over sugar, spice and everything nice.

sketch of the artist's roomate
sketch of a powerpuff girl

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