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Looking to Go Green with Your Drinks? Let's Talk About Metal Straws!

A young writer explains why they feel everyone should invest in a set of metal straws.

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Looking to Go Green with Your Drinks? Let's Talk About Metal Straws!

Metal straws are better than paper ones. And let me tell you why! I have recently bought a few stainless steel straws from a small business online. The business owner, a 20-year-old girl, said she offers various other reusable products in aesthetic shades. 

So here's my review on the metal straws and why I feel you should go for it too! 

My straws came in this pretty fabric bag with the brand stamp. She sent some cute and multi-colored silicone tips for the straws and the long cleaning brushes to clean them. 

I have been using them for all my drinks and feel that they have a better impact on the environment than paper straws. And they are easier to use!

The best part, these straws don't rust. They don't have a metal aftertaste, are free of oxidation, and have no plastic bits. I felt that they could help reduce pollution from plastic straw dumps that heavily and adversely impact land and aquatic creatures. 

Now you might be thinking, are they hygienic? The answer is yes! I used my dishwasher to clean them, and they came out sparkling as new! You can also use cleaning brushes to sanitize them with soap and water before use. 

Using these metal straws, all I can say is, they are helpful. Your paper straws might be conventionally "safer," but trees still need to be cut for them. Moreover, if you keep them for too long in a drink, they start to slowly dissolve and become a mass of paper inside your glasses. 

So here are a few benefits I found in my everyday life as an ardent coffee drinker who NEEDS her morning, evening, and many other doses daily:

I Can Carry Them Everywhere

My seller sent my metallic straws in a cute drawstring cotton pouch. I use it daily to carry my straw to the local coffee shops for a quick pick-up. They are easy to take on any journey, and I feel they are safer to use than a shop straw during this pandemic. 

I Am Adding Less to the Landfill

Being reusable, metallic straws add less industrial waste to landfills than regular plastic ones. Since I am disposing of less plastic on a daily, I feel it is a small yet important step to reduce toxic plastic waste that we dump every day from plastic straw usage. 

They Look Great!

I feel I should have mentioned this initially. You don't need to worry about the looks of these straws. They don't look like miniature metal pipes that run underground. 

In fact, mine are prismatic and rainbow-shades. I ordered a few more to keep in case guests arrive, and they are metallic emerald green! My seller even showed me cute purple and pink metallic straws that are oh-so-adorable. 

Who says saving the world cannot be a colorful affair?

Bottom Line

From my experience, I feel reusable metallic straws are a great addition to help save our world. As a long-term use product, they are pretty affordable! 

Moreover, it is great to support small business owners who wish to sell environmentally safe, daily-use products. So if you want to go green with your daily habits, choose metal straws over paper or plastic counterparts.

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