Article Commissions

Giving organisations unique access to youth perspectives on a variety of topics.

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When you need a young person’s perspective on a specific topic, commission one of our creators to produce a piece of work adapted to the needs of your organisation. 

“The content delivered is always varied, of a good quality, and the team is a complete pleasure to work with!”

– April, Parent Zone

Case Study

Alone No More

The ask: Molly is the founder of Alone No More, an organisation dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of youth loneliness. With a mission to foster connections and support among young individuals, Molly asked for a campaign to help spread awareness about this pervasive issue.

The outcome: Our content creators were tasked with creating content addressing the youth loneliness epidemic. They understood the gravity of the issue and its impact on individuals and communities and, as a result, produced heartfelt pieces, including first-hand accounts, art short stories and poetry. 

You can view their collective works for this campaign here

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