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Deep dives with VoiceBox into trends that deserve extra attention.

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VoiceBox briefing sessions give a front-row seat to our most recent investigations.  

Designed to bring you up to speed on some of the most pertinent and complex themes affecting youth, each Briefing Session takes you to the cutting edge – and helps you apply your learnings to the young people you work with. All sessions are delivered virtually by our lead researchers. 

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AI Chatbots

Look at the consequences of AI chatbots going ‘rogue’ and why young people are turning to them in a mental health crisis.  

kick streaming

Kick Streaming

Explore the impact of Kick on young people, a chaotic streaming platform that promotes ‘free speech’ and slack community guidelines. 

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Reality Shifting

Dive into the world of ‘reality shifting’ and why young people use it as escapism. 

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Munchausen By Internet

Learn why some young people are feigning mental health disorders. Is the online world to blame?

OnlyFans exploitation or empowerment?

OnlyFans and Young People

Understand the effects of adult content on creators and subscribers. Is it exploitation or empowerment? And is it really helping young people financially?


What You’ll Get

  • Explore: an in-depth look at the chosen topic for you and your team, including findings from our research.
  • Engage: the opportunity to engage with VoiceBox’s lead researchers, asking them any questions you may have.
  • Discussion: consider what you've learned and what insights you'll carry forward from the session.
  • Take home: a bespoke guide to download and share.


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