Are All TikTok Food Trends Cringe?

Or Are They Simple and Affordable Lifehacks?
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Published on Feb 10, 2022
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I love food, just like every other soul in this world. It is our driving force, our physical and metaphorical fuel to get work done, get paid, and buy food to eat. 

So why do so many people hate certain food hacks on TikTok that simplify classic gourmet dishes?

In this economy, there is no need to divide food culturally. If a small cafe sells doughnuts to dip in their Birria, let them! Their goal is not to offend but to follow a popular TikTok food trend that helps them make money. Money that they can use to pay their staff and feed their families. Who knows, you, like many customers, might actually like that sweet and savory snack! You might even find yourself trying to make it at home!

There are strange yet satisfying food combinations that have cropped up from this social media platform. I saw someone drizzle honey with ketchup over an open meat sandwich and throw it in the microwave. To me, it is not much different from glazed honey chicken sandwiches/pizzas.

I found a YouTube short of a popular chef dissing the concept of bell-pepper sandwiches. The funny and sad part is, while yes, it is not a sandwich, it is just a portable salad! A regular salad with veggies, dressing, meat slices, bread croutons, and seasoning! How did it trigger a world-known and super-rich chef who prides on his culinary abilities?

I want to try out so many food hacks and trends from social media, just because they seem so easy. The Flamin' Hot Cheetos-covered chicken wings look so delicious. If you do not have a hundred different spices and condiments at home and want to enjoy an easy meal, then roll your chicken pieces in powdered chips and let them fry! It is cheap, easy, and takes so little prep time. 

The mustard sauce with watermelon is a good example here. My question is, is it harming anybody? No. Is it detrimental to society's financial situation? I do not think so. Then why so much hate?

In my opinion, these are not cringy recipes that are trying too hard. They seem more like easy food hacks to either help you enjoy simple dishes or cook gourmet recipes with relatively simpler ingredients. These seem quite helpful for school kids and college students who study and work part-time the entire day. 

These recipes can help many people make easy, often-healthy, and affordable meals at home. In our present economy many people don’t have the means to follow beef wellington recipes with exotic and expensive ingredients. Food hacks are one of the ways we can save every extra penny to pay our bus fares, medicines, therapies, and bills. 

So if you want to add some chicken nuggets inside a bun and flash it in the microwave, go at it. Who is stopping you? In my opinion, add whatever ingredients you got to whichever food. If it tastes good to you, then that is all that matters.

Want to add some ketchup to your leftover rice from the afternoon’s takeout? Then do it! Do you like to dip your fries in some warm chocolate cream? Go at it! Got some bread, fruit jelly candies, and a few slices of pork you bought home from a roadside shop? Make a funky little sandwich for yourself! Food is our energy source. 

Food is our number one reason to wake up. So if you have to piss off the world with a homemade egg pizza with pineapple slices from a can, have at it. End of the day, you have a fuller belly and the power to anger some people with bread, eggs, and one pretty healthy fruit!

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