The Art of Creativity: My Personal Experience

The importance of being true to your own creativity
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Created by Muhammad hassam ali

Published on Jun 7, 2024
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I as a teenager I have a great imagination and love to read, but when it comes to writing something I always came out blank. My inspiration was my friend who was a great writer and was always creative in his work leaving  people in awe by his ideas at such a young age. The desire to become a writer myself came from praising his talent.

One day I was reading an article written by a young writer the same age as me. I thought to myself that I was just as capable as them, and decided to create something of my own. But, when it came to actually writing something, I was feeling really indecisive, so I decided to get help from my friend. I approached him and he invited me home the next day.

When I reached his home the next day he was engrossed in playing video games. I was very eager and highly motivated to learn from him. When I asked him the basic question: "How do you come up with such ideas?" he started laughing, and I became confused. I asked him why he was laughing, and he said that none of it was his own work. I was muddled by his reply, and asked what he meant. He said that he always takes an old magazine and just copies one of its publications. I was very disappointed and I raised questions about the authenticity of creativity in general. It was all because I came to know that my friend’s success was all based upon plagiarism.

He also advised me to do the same, and for a brief second, I did consider it. It would be an easy way to earn a plethora of respect in society, but then suddenly, a voice from inside struck me that the authenticity of creativity should not be disturbed for just a shortcut to my success.

I came home that day writing about my disappointment in the diary which unexpectedly transformed into a story, revealing a hidden reservoir of creativity within myself. I learned that day that every person is creative in his own way, and he shouldn’t get frustrated when he lacks inspiration because it would strike him at the right time.

I also learned that creativity doesn't always strike spontaneously; often, it requires keen observation of our surroundings, followed by the deliberate act of putting pen to paper. All it requires is a little faith and staying true to one-self. If you take some time for self-discovery it will serve you well.

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