Body and Mind

To those who never learned to suffer out loud
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Created by Arfa

Published on Apr 4, 2024
young black woman standing on a street facing the camera
Judeus Samson on Unsplash

Please note: this piece includes sensitive topics that some people might find difficult. Please visit our Resources Page for help.


I'm being pulled from my roots.

What was the thing I did?

The body this hair grows on is agitated. She is in pain.

She opens her mouth -ready to, but knowing she can’t- scream

Attention to her disgruntled state could not be tolerated


I wish she could speak (to me)

I wish she could hear (me)

I am a part of the body she's twisting in and out of. I want to help

But all I am is one more part for her to harm


Her body pays homage to the beating she receives from the voices in her head.

I wish she heard (every other voice outside)

They are so confused


So you need to try

You need to try to scream louder than the voices inside speak

You need to tolerate the attention

They need to see the state of your body- destroyed by the state of your mind


They are ready to help

But you appear a statue



I wish they could hear (the punishing voices in your mind) 

I wish they saw (the only signs of distress you allow- the restless hands, the tears held at bay by torturing the lips)


I wish, when you looked at the crowd around you, you saw allies 


But you've only ever seen strangers 

If you can't hear the voices outside your body,

At least listen to your body.


Your mind screams chaos

Your hair wishes to be left to peace

Your lips wish to not be cut apart

Your hands and legs wish to remain still


Your mind may be the conductor, but there is more within you than chaos


Can you at least hear this?

If not your mind, then maybe you can begin with your body knowing peace 

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