How to decorate your room on a budget

Giving your room a makeover doesn't have to be pricey!
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Published on Aug 30, 2021


Your room is your sanctuary, and it reflects who you are! Let’s be honest - it’s where you spend most of your time. Decorating your room can make it feel more cozy and relaxing. It can make you feel the most comfortable and safe. The thing is: not everyone can spend a lot of money on decorating their room. Don’t worry, because in this article, I will be telling you tips and life hacks to create your perfect room.

Designate Spaces for Tasks

In small places like condominiums or apartments, bedrooms often serve multiple purposes. It’s not only a place for sleeping, but it can also be your study area or studio. Dividing your room into their designated spaces is important. One side of your room can be your study area, while another can be a vanity area. Since the primary function of a bedroom is for sleeping, most of the room can be for the sleeping area. Separating the room into parts can help you maintain a great work-life balance.

Organization is Key!

Organizing can sometimes be a daunting task, but trust me, it’s what matters the most. Also, chances are you’ll only have to organize once if you have a systematic way of doing your routine and keeping your room tidy. It may sound complicated, but the concept is actually quite simple. You remove everything in your room and clean it (vacuum, dust, etc.). Then you bring items back into the room one by one, organizing them based on the designated spaces of the room. After this, you’ll only have to manage and keep it clean - you won't have to organize extensively on a daily basis. Having an organized space also helps a lot when it comes to cleaning your room in the future.

Recycling and upcycling

Your family or friends may have some things they won’t use anymore. If they seem fit for the theme you’re going for, you’re in luck because you can simply recycle them. If the items don’t fit your style, you can easily upcycle them. Upcycling is a similar concept to recycling, but you get to add an artistic touch. Some common examples of upcycling are giving an old lamp a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering a char. Since not everyone has the same tastes, upcycling is almost always the go-to. With upcycling, you get to have a fun time creating a personal touch to your room. 

Sell what you don’t need

Besides using your savings, selling stuff you don’t need or want anymore will help you buy more things for your room. It also can help you cut down on clutter and get more organized. With the money you earn, it’s possible that you won’t have to use your savings to buy new items for your room. What you make can even turn into a profit!

DIY it!

If you can DIY an item for your bedroom, do it! Social media platforms, especially Pinterest, have TONS of DIY guides, tips and tricks, and life hacks. Need file organizers? Use cardboard boxes and decorate them to your liking! Need cable organizers? Use toilet paper to separate different cables! I love scrolling through various DIY pages to gather ideas for things to include in my room. 

Buy second-hand items

Buying second-hand items is another way of recycling and upcycling things! You can get furniture and decor at thrift stores and yard sales for a much lower price than you usually do when buying items brand new. Thrifted items are also great for upcycling. Just make sure that you thoroughly sanitize and clean whatever you buy. As a bonus, buying second-hand items is good for the environment. Items get given a second life instead of ending up in a landfill. 


Decorating your room can be cheap, easy, and fun. Designing isn’t just about what art and decor you have— it’s about adding personal touches to your room that make it a place you enjoy spending time in. By following these tips, you can achieve having a bedroom that you enjoy!

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