Lessons Learnt From Heartbreak

Some lessons that I learnt from having my first heartbreak
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Published on May 9, 2024
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Lessons Learnt From Heartbreak

I recently went through heartbreak for the first time in my life and while it has caused a lot of pain, it has also allowed me to go on a journey of self-reflection. During that journey, it unearthed a lot of lessons that I will be taking with me for the rest of my life. Let's delve into some of the profound insights that heartbreak can offer.


  1. It's important to be self-reliant
    As depressing as it sounds, I’ve learned that always relying on other people tends to lead to disappointment because people and their actions cannot be controlled. Becoming too reliant on someone means surrendering yourself to them and should they disappoint, you will be left hanging, feeling lost as you’re left wondering how to go about things that you relied on them to help you get through. I'm now learning to be more independent and taking life into my own hands.  By taking responsibility for yourself, you can feel empowered and in control of your life. While it's still important to have a support system, you can learn to trust yourself and your abilities to navigate through life's challenges.
  2. Do not base your self-worth on someone else
    I made the mistake of thinking that I was only worth it if that special someone thought that I was worth it. I thought that I could only be good and beautiful and all the wonderful things in life if that one person thought that of me, and that I would cease to be that when they stopped. I had to learn that being enough for myself is all I need in life and that someone’s perception of me shouldn’t affect it. I had to remind myself that I don't need validation from another person to be considered ‘good enough’.
  3. Resilience
    One of the most significant lessons learned from heartbreak is resilience. Enduring the pain and picking up the pieces requires strength beyond measure. I thought that I wouldn’t have this strength in me and that the pain would persist for a long time, but as time went on, the pain started to slowly leave. I learned that I could bounce back and rebuild myself, and that I had this inner resilience that would carry me through these painful times. I learned that I would need to maintain this resilience as I go through life in general, and that more things are still to come. 
  4. Acceptance
    I used to have a hard time accepting bad things that happened in my life. I would ruminate on them, thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and what I could’ve done to change the outcome, but heartbreak made me realize how important it was to learn how to accept things as they come because dwelling on them will just prolong the pain. I had to learn that relationships can always end despite my best efforts and, that I had to let go to move on and grow. Bad things happening shouldn't be an excuse for me to hide in a shell and let life pass me by. 
  5. Heartbreak is a catalyst for growth
    Heartbreak made me self-reflect and think about a lot of things I wanted to do moving forward. It made me realize several things, such as traits I would want in a partner, things I would or wouldn’t do in my future relationship, etc. It made me want to be better in every way possible, to be a person that I would be proud of and that others would be proud of, too. I think every heartbreak can be used as a stepping stone to something better in life and that it shouldn't be seen as something that will stifle me.

Ultimately, heartbreak did leave me shattered and vulnerable, but it offered me a lot of lessons to shape my way forward. Through these lessons, I believe that I can emerge from heartbreak stronger and more resilient than before. It is through the crucible of heartbreak that I can uncover the true depths of my strength and resilience, paving the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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