A Memory

A poem about the nostalgia before losing her
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Created by Ian forbes

Published on May 21, 2024
willow tree and pond
Maria Khatami on Unsplash

                            A Memory

Embarked on a journey back in time 

We sat under the willow tree, your hand in mine

The sun stepped down, it was our time to shine 

Fate, however, was not ours to determine


 As the winds of the winter swept through your hair

That sweet scent of yours enriched the air

Too bad time couldn’t just freeze right there

Some laws of nature just aren’t  fair


Those wild eyes of yours when met with mine

To gather my senses, it took a while

A glimmer that could be recognized from a mile;

Exceptional was the magic of your smile


After all the time that passed by

I can’t help but wonder why,

Life doesn’t provide enough occasions to try

Nor a chance to say goodbye


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