The Mirror Of Lies

Not everything is as it seems
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Created by Disha Ransingh

Published on May 4, 2024
vintage vanity with a mirror
Sbringser, pixabay

This poem basically paints a picture of a magical mirror that reflects a distorted version of reality, captivating with its deceptive charm. It speaks to the struggle of our generation in navigating a world where truth seems elusive.

The Mirror Of Lies

Within the glass, a magic spell

A world of lies, it shall compel

A mirror, but not as it seems

For truth is not what it redeems

With every glance, a twisted tale

The reflection, it shall derail

Distorted images, they appear

As if reality, it holds no fear

Whispers in the darkness, they call

Deceiving voices, they enthrall

For in this mirror, truth is rare

And falsehoods dance without a care

The fairest of them all, they say

But beauty fades, it does not stay

For in this mirror, beauty's guise

Is simply one of its many lies

A lover's kiss, a false delight

For in this mirror, love takes flight

As hearts are broken, and trust is lost

The lies, they come at such a cost

But still we gaze, into its depth

As if under its spell, we're kept

Hoping to find a shred of truth

But the mirror, it's so uncouth

For in this world of twisted lies

The magic mirror, it never dies

And we are trapped, within its frame

Forever chasing, a truth in vain

So beware, dear ones, of the magic mirror

For its lies, they only grow clearer

And though it may seem like a wondrous sight

The truth, it hides, in plain sight.

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