The Old Chair

Why aren't new things built to last?
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Created by Arfa

Published on May 15, 2024
an old rocking chair in an attic
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The Old Chair

Why is it that the old perform the best? 

And why is it then that we always want the new? 

And why is it then that we have no respect for the old?

I had a chair. 

My great-grandfather made it upon my great-grandmother's request. 

My grandmother carried it across state lines as she followed her passion of the year. 

My mother fell asleep listening to stories on that chair. 

For years, I scribbled out physics and math and poetry and chemistry on that chair. 

And then it broke. 

So I bought a new chair. 

The old chair's story was a book. 

The new chair barely lasted a chapter. 

One book to study too many and the chair collapsed under the weight. 

The old really was better.

 We've come so far. 

But we don't know how to make the new work. 

We need to go back. 

Back to building a chair that lasted four generations. 

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