Prayer for Our Times

A poem about hoping for a brighter future for the world
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Published on Nov 8, 2023
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Prayer for Our Times

May this togetherness remain untroubled forever.

May the ones that compelled others to work in dark caves, so as to shine- understand their mistakes.

May the toils of labour, years of pain bear fruit as we stand on the same stage.

May the fire rising like an empyrean inferno restore us in the safe shelter sans fear.

May mother nature teach us to adore the surreal beauty of the world as it is.

May we recover from the haze of ignorant clouds.

May empathy emancipate us with an erasure of sympathy, widening the mind.

May the field finally become equal.

May the sunflowers bloom to remind us of sunny times.

May the disquiet endow eventual love.

May we nurture nature, nourishing the caged souls.

May we admire the roots of relations like never before.

May the music of birds hail peace.

May the essence of life be restored.

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