Silent Protest

A poem about protest and the experience of an activist learning to amplify their voice.
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Published on Oct 10, 2023
woman yelling in to a megaphone
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Silence may be the foundation of life,

So they preached to my young self,

Maintain a quiet exterior then,

Place sparks of rage on the highest shelf,

Ignore the fiery bubbling within,

The rumbling lava of your gut,

For a respectable girl eases herself,

To never cause a rut,

Yet a lack of words killed little lambs,

Silence slaughtered a baby herd,

Allowed their gashes to fill with grass,

For no-one called the shepherd,

Yet a speechless leader lost the war,

As roaring soldiers raged on,

Tossing themselves towards disaster,

For his pride left surrender gone,

Yet a zipped-shut mouth never gave us votes,

For suffragettes powered brutally through,

Political rage pulsing through their veins,

For a shining life for the likes of you,

Therefore I shall not lose my voice,

For songs of protest do ring true,

If you choose against the fight for your right,

What has silence ever done for you?

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