Swiping Left and Right on Dating Apps

Some Tips From a Young Person to Help You Navigate the Online Dating World
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Published on Jun 3, 2022
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These days, there are a plethora of dating apps to choose from. Styles and demographics may differ, but they all share a common goal: getting you to fall in love quickly.

Perhaps you're looking forward to all of the possibilities that are out there. Or maybe you’re sick of trying to find someone the traditional way and are ready to try meeting your prince charming/ princess online. In the past year and a half, dating apps have grown more important to our love lives than ever before.

However, before you get into the swiping, there are things you'll need to let sink in first:


Get to know your motives and stick to them

It might be easy to assume that most people utilize internet dating to simply seek either a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. However, the situation is a little more nuanced than first thought. Some are in the dating apps to combat loneliness, anxiety, and boredom. Some use dating apps for pleasure, mingling, increasing their self-esteem, or experiencing thrills. People may also be curious to see who else is out there.

Really think about what drew you to internet dating in the first place. Do you want to feel better, have some fun, or meet a long-term companion? I think this is an excellent issue to ponder. This clarification aims to help you become more conscious of your feelings.

It is also crucial to be open and honest with others about your motives. You might be, for whatever reason, hesitant to share your true desires for a relationship for fear of alienating other singles on online dating sites. However, the downside of keeping your intentions hidden is that it can lead to broken promises, escalating miscommunications, and general exhaustion.

Ditch the checklist

While finding someone who shares common interests with you is a positive thing, you shouldn’t be looking for a carbon clone of yourself.

In many cases, people who sign up for dating apps have a long list of things they desire in a partner, such as how tall they should be, how much money they should make, how many pets they should own, and so on. There's nothing wrong with looking for a partner with a specific set of characteristics. However, don't complicate things more than necessary. A good relationship is possible based on shared values and a few activities the couple enjoys doing together. 

Our "deal-breakers" will differ for everyone, so try and figure out what is most important to you in a relationship, and drop the unnecessary things on the “checklist”.

Reevaluate your criteria

If you're looking for someone online who is more attractive than you, you're not alone. When it comes to online dating, lovely and well-off daters are far more likely to be picked and contacted than those who are less attractive and well-off.

There isn't much context online besides pictures, so it's easy to keep reaching for the stars because the pain of getting rejected online is less than when it happens in person. People who don't satisfy our requirements on paper but are an excellent match in person may be overlooked when utilizing this strategy. On the surface, "clicking" is a clear indicator of compatibility. Preconceptions about what we are looking for in a person swiftly fall away when we find that we have chemistry with someone.

Online dating can be frustrating when you only meet people you don't click with. Your criteria may need to be expanded or changed to meet more individuals you enjoy. For example, when you're in a new location, you can adjust the age range of persons who can be a match or swipe.

Spend some time improving your dating profile

If you already have a social media profile, you're probably already familiar with the concept of controlling your online persona. However, dating apps make it far more difficult to convey who you are to possible partners with only a few photos and a few words.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all online dating profile. Instead, think of it as a “lab for your love life”. Feel free to experiment with different things and see what gets you more matches. 

Consider the following ideas if you want to make a statement:

  • A lot of color in your photos is a great way to stand out. 
  • Don’t add a lot of photos of groups of people. On your profile, you should be the only thing that people see.
  • Make sure your profile isn’t littered with grammatical errors.
  • Check that your images and words adequately portray your personality.
  • Don’t put on a facade; accept who you are!

When you do get matches, instead of sending generic messages, personalize them. Also, playing hard to get doesn't work most of the time so it is better to respond immediately.

It's OK if this all feels a little overwhelming! The most important thing to remember regarding profiles is to show off the energy you want to draw on the app.

Dating is hard, don't be hard on yourself

The people who use dating apps aren't all searching for a long-term commitment, and not every person who swipes right is a good match for you. If you remember that point it is easier to get over getting ghosted or mixed up with the wrong person. 

If you're nervous about meeting someone on a dating app, you're not alone. There are times when you feel alone and alone in your search. In moments of loneliness, it's easy to feel like you've failed. However, being lonely does not necessarily mean that you have a problem. For example, it isn't easy to establish long-term friendships. However, remembering that you are not the only one who feels this way may provide some relief. It's a good idea to utilize dating apps with a sense of humor and some grace while you wait for the right person.

Allow yourself some leeway. Putting oneself out there can be a daunting task.


When it comes to using dating apps to meet new people, it might be unclear what to do because there are so many guidelines and conventions. For example, how long should you wait after a potential match before sending the first message? What's the best way to begin? And if you do hit it off, what is the best amount of time to wait to meet in person after starting communication? You should go in with an open mind and figure out what feels right for you. 

Thanks to dating apps, it's now easier to meet new individuals than in the past. There are advantages and disadvantages to it, just like with any other piece of technology. Online dating may be a lot of fun if you remember to be careful while doing it. That being said, have fun, and hopefully, you'll uncover your own Tinderella story.

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