Thoughts on an Endless Timeline

A collection of poems
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Created by Lo (not their real name)

Published on Aug 8, 2023
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What job do you have?

What are you working as?

Confined to the social constraints of society, 

the air of dissatisfaction lingers when my response doesn’t fit inside the binary boundaries. 


Work to live, don’t live to work

They say.

But what if my utopia is different,

Doesn’t align with yours, 

Do I need to redesign what I'm living for?



Does it need to be a place, I say?

When I found home in you today.


They ask me, where’s home to you?

I say a feeling, not a place,

Home’s where I feel comfort


It’s in you, today. 



Too many, or too little

I try to raise my voice,

I’m belittled,

I speak up,

I stare down, 

No where to look, turn 

Or feel found.

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