VoiceBox 2023 Highlights

We've done a lot this year...here are some of the best bits
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Published on Dec 21, 2023
VoiceBox Highlights

It’s been a year to remember at VoiceBox. We delved into the topics impacting young people, influenced policymaking, launched a new website, and, most importantly, lifted youth voices across the globe. 

Here, we look back on some of the best moments.

Coded Companions: Young People’s Relationships With AI Chatbots

coded companions report

This year, large language model-based AI chatbots have exploded in popularity. And like so much of the digital world, young people are on the front line – facing the repercussions of unknown and unregulated AI territories. VoiceBox’s Coded Companions report explores the relationships that young people are forming with AI chatbots, and how they affect mental health, connections and expectations for relationships. Read more here


The New VoiceBox Website

new VoiceBox website announcement header

Young people asked, and we listened. The launch of VoiceBox’s new website marked a new era of content creation within our community. We are now receiving more submissions – and publishing more content – than ever before. Learn about how young creators can get involved here.


Reality Shifting: Escapism Gone Too Far?

"Reality Shifting" on a galaxy background

‘Reality shifting’ is a meditation-esque practice where young people attempt to transcend or ‘shift’ their consciousness into other realities, such as Hogwarts or Twilight. When VoiceBox first heard of reality shifting, we knew it needed urgent attention. We set out to discover not only how young people were reality shifting, but also why. Read the report here


‘Reality Check’ For Meta’s Horizon Worlds – The VR Social Media Platform 

"reality check"

With the correct support, tools and education, we know that young people will flourish online. That’s why this year, VoiceBox partnered up with Meta and Parent Zone to create a series of ‘Reality Check’ videos that guide teens in their Horizon Worlds experience. This collaborative project consulted youth voices throughout. Watch and share here


Ofcom Winter Conference: Representing Youth Voices

ofcom logo

VoiceBox put young people front and centre at Ofcom’s Winter Conference. Natalie Foos, VoiceBox’s Director, took to the stage to present findings from our Coded Companions report  – giving delegates lots to think about for the future of AI regulation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Our Internationalism Amplified 

a graphic of young people walking

VoiceBox is growing fast. This year, our team expanded to include members across Europe, the UK, and the US, making us a truly international organisation. Learn more about the work we deliver on a global scale here

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