7 “Lazy” Things that Are Actually Productive

You might be being more productive than you think...
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Published on Sep 27, 2021
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Laziness is something that a lot of people frown upon. However, there are moments when our definition of laziness should be re-evaluated because it might be too harsh. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 7 actions that many would consider lazy, but are actually productive!

Saying No When Necessary

Now, many people would say that saying no to other’s requests is a sign that someone just doesn’t want to help or that they’re avoiding additional responsibilities. However, claiming a person is lazy just because they said no is simply unfair.

Saying no to non-priorities actually helps you to be more productive. Learning when to say no allows you to focus on your tasks, making it possible for you to finish your assignments quickly and efficiently.

Chatting With Friends or Colleagues

While it’s true that idle chatting can end up being a huge waste of time if done excessively, chatting can actually be helpful. Taking a bit of a break and having a chat with your friends or colleagues has been seen to show great results. For example, Hive (a project management platform) conducted an anonymous data sampling with more than 3,000 participants—both male and female-- to prove the value of chatting in the workplace.

Once they compared the results, they discovered that the female demographic sent out 20% more chats and messages. Now, one could automatically assume that the numbers show how bad chatting is. However, the sampling also revealed that it’s the females who get 10% more work done. Another benefit of chatting is that it helps individuals reconnect and enhance their relationships with others.

Taking Regular Breaks

Having breaks is pretty self-explanatory. It gives you the chance to take a breather, relax your mind, and perhaps grab a snack. Breaks can also give you a much-needed spur of energy to finish the day.

Listening to Music

The consensus between folks who listen to music while working and those who don’t is kind of divided. Some would say that music is nothing more than a distraction and it actually makes them less productive. Others would argue that music can actually help you focus, but it all depends on what type of music you’re listening to.

Upbeat or uplifting music can help fight off the wave of sleepiness that we all get after spending hours working on a task. Another great example of music that can help you focus is what’s called a binaural beat. These beats can enhance cognition, increase creativity, improve focus, and more.

Bingeing On Some Netflix

Before we proceed, I would like to put up a disclaimer that I do not endorse watching Netflix during someone’s working hours or if they’re in the workplace. With that said, I’d like to clarify that I don’t see watching Netflix as a lazy thing to do.

Netflix is just like any form of entertainment. It helps people disconnect from the real world for a given amount of time and just simply chill out. If done in the right place and at the right time, Netflix can be a great source of relaxation, giving you the rest and recreation that you deserve.

Doing Things One Step at a Time

The art of multitasking is regarded by many people as the pinnacle of productivity. However, multitasking can prove to be disastrous, especially if you're biting off more than you can chew. Focusing on one task and doing things one step at a time often results in better quality, a more reliable output, and increased productivity.

Taking a Moment to Do Nothing

Most people would certainly freak out when they hear this claim, but doing nothing isn’t necessarily lazy. Breathing is an activity that seems to be doing nothing, but it actually helps you relax, especially if you do it deeply and mindfully. Mindful breathing has many benefits, such as reducing your stress levels, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and reducing depression. Sleeping might also seem like you’re doing nothing, but your body is actually repairing itself during this phase, making it a crucial part of life.

Laziness is generally bad. But we must not confuse laziness with rest, recreation, or relaxation. We must not judge people based on our biased definition of what “laziness” is. It’s important to remember that all of us need a healthy balance between work and living our lives because as the proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

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