To growing up and finding our own paths
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Created by Arfa

Published on Jan 29, 2024
road into the mountains
Matt Duncan on Unsplash


I'm rather disenchanted with the whole thing

The promises- fact check: the culmination of another's dream

That was never mine

I might have had my own thoughts

But I opened my mouth, and you gagged me with your own inhibitions and ambitions

All you could not, would not try

Were to now be my success stories 


What's the saying? Those born in a house on fire will think the whole world is aflame? You were the house on fire into which I was born. And I believed. I believed the whole world burned.

But how wrong I was. The world is calm, only littered with patches of fire.


That was all I needed. 

I became aware of the gag you had shoved in me the first time I opened my mouth, and I tore it out.


What joy there is in recognizing another's dreams are not yours

What joy there is in recognizing your own dreams

And working towards the pursuit of those dreams and those dreams alone


What joy there is to be found, if only we could look beyond what we were born into

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