The Cadet Chronicles

What I've learned from attending a cadet college
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Published on Feb 2, 2024
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Before diving into life in cadet college and how it affects us, let me elaborate on what a cadet actually is. A cadet is a trainee, typically in a military or paramilitary organization, who is undergoing systematic instruction and practical training. So, in a cadet college, you are trained way before your time of joining military or paramilitary organizations. Now let me describe the lessons that you learn from in this strict and routine life. 

The day you join a cadet college, you will likely feel anxiety, fear, happiness and sadness, all at once. But once you join a cadet college, you will find that it teaches you lessons and morals from places that you wouldn't have thought of. You will contemplate these lessons at a later moment in life when these lessons will help you.

You may find the routine of a cadet college very hard and of no use till your last day on campus, but if you try to contemplate what they are actually trying to instill in you by having you follow such a strict routine, only then will you understand its importance.

Of all the lessons that you will learn at a cadet college, ‘time management’ will be at the top of the list. A lifestyle where you will have to do everything by the book and on time, might not seem that appealing. A life in which you have to wake up at a particular time, have meals at a particular time, have physical training at a particular time, and where you have to sleep on time, etc might not seem right. But all this teaches you one of the most important traits of successful people, "time management". Now, this is the beauty of a cadet college: it teaches you lessons by not demanding anything extra but by just making you follow their routine.

A cadet college will really push you outside of your comfort zone, and at times, you may even question if you want to be there. They will make you follow their routine and tell you to respect your seniors even if they are harsh to you. This aspect teaches you tolerance and forbearance, respect and, above all, discipline. All of which can be useful traits in your life.

In a cadet college, everyone is treated and given respect equally. That is why you will find people from different backgrounds doing the same thing and observing the same rules and regulations. The point that I want to elaborate here is that by treating everyone equally, it helps instill equal qualities and skills in all. This helps no one feels left out.

As it is a cadet college I'm talking about it may be obvious that physical training is important as well. You will likely spend hours every week training to maintain your physical fitness whether you like it or not. You will also learn the importance of patriotism and why you should love your country and put it above yourself and your desires.

As a whole, the experience of a cadet college can be quite fun and is more of an adventure, helping you bring out your full potential and take yourself beyond your comfort zone and limits. This experience helps you to bring out your true self and see how far you can go and to what heights you can reach.

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