The Fallout Show Sets a New Precedent for Videogame Adaptations

A look into why this new Fallout show is the talk of the town
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Published on May 14, 2024
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Happy vault scavenging! Hollywood has been trending towards videogame adaptations as of late and the idea of a Fallout show was something many found puzzling. Everyone expected a run-of-the-mill live action videogame adaptation that would probably stand around the ranks of the Halo TV show and the notoriously bad Netflix ‘Resident Evil’ show, instead we got something that comes much closer to the critically acclaimed Last of Us show last year. What does it mean for the future of video game adaptations?

When examining the Fallout show we have to first consider the part that makes it enjoyable – the game. Fallout is a particularly loved and nostalgic game franchise for many, with most people holding very dear and loved memories of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. The success of the games is very important for the show because the last entry – Fallout 76 – was a game that made many people lose faith in the franchise's ability to deliver high-quality experiences. Fallout 76 tried to take on a ‘games as a service’ approach for the Fallout franchise, which turned away many fans with its extreme bugs, shady business model and half-baked systems. Which is why the next thing Bethesda announced for the Fallout series was a big surprise to fans.

The announcement of the Fallout show in 2020 was confusing and exciting for many fans of the game, it’s not something many fans would exactly ask for but it was something they wouldn’t be closed off to trying. However, many were quick to catch their breath to not set unrealistic expectations. Bethesda had been in rough waters after many controversies from Fallout 76 and the troubled developments of Starfield, which meant their once ‘Do No Wrong’ household staple name was infected with distrust. Starfield eventually launched in 2023 to mixed reception, with many calling it a disappointment, and faith in Bethesda IPs was at an all-time low. Trailers for the Fallout show were met with a milquetoast reaction, and expectations weren’t exactly high. Somehow, someway though, they delivered.

The show turned out to be fantastic! It’s been met with critical acclaim and love from all audiences, Fallout fans and all that aren’t. The heart of the show is definitely the main character Lucy, who brings so much charm to the franchise and immediately became a fan favorite. With great performances, likeable characters and excellent writing, you can feel all the love and passion that was poured into this project and it really shows. This should be the new standard for videogame adaptations going forward. Ella Purnell, the actress that plays Lucy, didn’t know a drop of information about the Fallout franchise before doing the show, and in a very endearing way tried to play the game by searching it up on Google (if only it were that easy). Her commitment to respecting the franchise runs deep through the show because she was told by producers that it was not mandatory to play any of the Fallout games to prepare for the role, and in spite of that still played through the games to learn and understand the things that fans love about it.

When you respect your audience and truly understand the things that make the source material tick, you can create something that’s not only loved by the fans but something that makes new fans itself. The show boosted the player count for the Fallout games massively after launch and brought in many fresh, eager eyes for future Fallout media, and that is the new standard that has been set for fans of videogame adaptations. 

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