How AI Will Impact Jobs In The Future

Will humans become "obsolete" as AI takes over?
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Published on Apr 1, 2022
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Artificial intelligence might seem amazing to most people or maybe even intimidating. However, we can’t deny that AI and other forms of tech will play significant roles in the future, and will be applied to many aspects of our daily lives. 

But the question is, will there be fewer jobs available for the next generation? Will machines make humanity useless? This is certainly interesting to know. 

It is unlikely that machines will make humans useless for a very long time. That’s why there is no reason to be afraid. Artificial intelligence is often portrayed as robots that come to kill everyone in their way. That can’t be further from reality. 

Currently, the purest form of AI is computers that are capable of learning. This is done through a process called machine learning, where humans act as teachers to machines. A lot of mathematics and data are used in the process. So, if you are not a math fan, you might want to stay away from this field.

These algorithms that machines learn might even be good for humans and their jobs. In this MIT paper, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work, it is said that AI will drastically improve and create many jobs in several industries. I’m inclined to believe them, considering they are tech pros. 

You are probably wondering why these claims are being made. Well, what is likely to happen is that AI will replace all "dangerous" jobs. That will lead to more workers focusing on tasks that require more humanitarian value. Hopefully, those new job benefits will lead to more contact between workers and promote interpersonal skills.

It is predicted that more jobs will be created than eliminated, but some of these jobs will require higher levels of education to meet the demands of the industry. There will be more exigence in the jobs of the future, and all kinds of AI will be required to be learned in order to apply. 

If you want to know how to create artificial intelligence, there is no choice but to study. Many degree programs are perfect for learning about machine learning and all the technical aspects. Computer science and computer engineering are two of them. They can be studied at almost any university in the United States. If you like solving problems using tech as your main resource, these are careers to take into account. 

This degree will be very useful if you want to work with AI in the future. There are many industries where it is used. These include e-commerce, healthcare, cybersecurity, etc. If you decide to get a degree in the tech field, many job opportunities will be open to you as your talent will be extremely valuable to companies.

In conclusion, we can say that AI will be an efficient tool that will improve human working conditions. The best thing is to be happy and not to be afraid of the future. It is very unlikely that machines will become as intelligent as humans. All they will do is make our hard work easier.

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